Munchies - Your Burgers & Chicken Takeaway Restaurant in Hillin

About us While old favourites are popular, our chefs are always trying to improve their techniques, most notably with the Chef’s’Specials. Whether you are looking for a light dinner or a full meal for the family, Munchies can deliver it all.

Delivery areas

  • Free delivery for orders over £9.99
  • We deliver to postcodes:
    • UB10 Hillingdon, Ickenham
    • UB3 Hayes, Harlington
    • UB4 Yeading, Hayes
    • UB7 West Drayton, Harmondsworth, Sipson
    • UB8 Uxbridge, Cowley, Hillingdon

Customer reviews

  • Good value, delivered quickly, fulfilled special requests aswell. Would recommend

    Richard Nov 13, 2010 rating 4.7
  • quality slides at busy times, some of the most rude people I've ever dealt with on the phone. usually great, unsure what's happened but would avoid now.

    Alison May 13, 2013 rating 1.7
  • Lasagne was so good! Arrived hot & tasted great. Definitely recommend munchies....

    Bels Oct 24, 2012 rating 4.3
  • I was surprised by the quality of the pizza, it was not bad but the chicken i ordered along with my meal was not very good and lastly there is the case of the missing drink, not sure who exactly to blame for that the driver or the restaurant i was not so crossed just disappointed

    Joshua Nov 9, 2013 rating 3
  • Burgers were very nice with the spices and sauces, however I ordered a potato salad and fanta however I got coleslaw and 7up

    D Jul 23, 2013 rating 4
  • Soggy fried chicken. No taste. Very poor quality of food. Forgot to deliver an order of chips, took over an hour to arrive. Should of ordered pizza instead.

    Carla Feb 12, 2014 rating 1
  • Not only did we order curly fries and got a mixture of wedges and curly fries (all in the same box and very few curly fries that we actually asked for) but the chocolate fudge cake I ordered was completely missed, meaning I payed £1.99 for air! The pizza itself was not that bad but not something I would have again. We also ordered onion rings, so I was expecting crispy deliciousness not the soggy half onion rings that we received. The wedges we did receive were nice and probably the most enjoyable bit of the meal even thought they weren't something we actually ordered. I appreciate that we had food delivered and it can not always be guaranteed to get here in perfect condition and so there is a certain allowance I can give for imperfect food but this was ridiculous. We will never be ordering from them again! I have tired to be fair in writing my review and giving the rating that I have but I was extremely disappointed and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

    Jack Apr 8, 2014 rating 2.3

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